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Review - Killaflaw - Holy Funk (Single)

Killaflaw - Holy Funk (Single)

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9 out of 10

Skipping past the meat of the content, there is no getting past it, Killaflaw certainly sound a lot like The Prodigy, but considering I’m a massive fan I’m more than certain this review is going to bode well.

So yeah, I’m sure they’ve heard it a million times already and they will likely forever get it (unless their music drastically changes any time soon) but it was really unavoidable. Normally something that strikes me as over familiar promotes negative feelings, but not this time, there is just enough of Killaflaw unique finger prints here to create distinction, mainly via Benn Helm’s massively strong and frankly awesome vocal.

So at its root this a down and dirty dance track, touches of drum and bass and sprinkles of most other dance genres, but perhaps it’s biggest merit is the melody perfectly placed on top of the thumping bass, Killaflaw have achieve what a lot of drum and bass acts fail to do and have created a pop song around their dancefloor beat.

So clearly I’m a fan, but that’s not to say there isn’t slight niggles with the track, the production although solid lacks a touch of final polish for my liking, perhaps another pass on the mix is required to make it a touch more radio friendly (it’s certainly club friendly right now!). The sub bass also lacks the complete punch and more could be made of its assets but like I said, these are only minor niggles on a product that produces a fantastic vibe.

The time is now for Killaflaw, they sound relevant and with the resurgence of The Prodigy and rise of Pendulum they should certainly strike now and strike fast and with tracks like Holy Funk; they shouldn’t have much problem catching people's attention.


1. Holy Funk
2. Happy Days (OneNineEightFour Remix)
3. Holy Funk (Alert Kick Mix)
4. Holy Funk (Radio Edit)

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