Monday, 6 July 2009

News - The Reign Of Kindo Switch Record Labels

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The Reign Of Kindo are no longer on One Eleven Records and are instead part of the Candyrat Records stable.

Here’s 2 statements, the first from their former label and the second from the band. Both are taken from their respective MySpace blogs:


""I know what I know. And I know what I don’t know." Words of advice once offered to me by one my (now disgraced) mentors.
"I know" that The Reign of Kindo is one of the most extraordinary bands alive.
"I know" that Kindo deserves and has the potential to be a major force in the music industry.
"I know" that I care deeply for each member of Kindo both as a friend and an artist.

"I don’t know" how to break them.

"I know" that I have taken Kindo as far as I can take them on my small indie label.
"I know" it is time to release Kindo from the reigns of 111 and allow them to explore what more the worls has to offer - because...
"I know" that Kindo, at its essence, is much larger than my company.

"I know" that I will miss boasting Kindo as a band on my label. However,

"I know" that I am honored to have released two very important records from Kindo - two records I will always have in my arsenal. Two records that I can brag about. Two records that one day, will go down in history, as the first two records ever recorded by the fabulously successful, multi-platinum, rock ’n roll hall of fame inductees, The Reign of Kindo.

"I know" that holding on to Kindo would be selfish and could, in a brief period of time, lead to the demise and dismantling of the band. You see there comes a time in a person’s life, in a band’s life, when the opportunity to make a living, even a meager living, making music becomes essential. For those of us who have a deep rooted passion for music, the ultimate goal is to make a living making music. Most of us would rather make small money doing what we love than making big money in a job that depresses us. I owe it to Kindo to allow them the opportunity to earn a living doing what they love. I am keenly aware of my boundaries and limitations as a small label. 111 is essentially a stepping stone. And it’s time for Kindo to step out and on to something bigger and new.

My love affair with the music created by Kindo and its predecessor, This Day & Age, goes back to the very beginnings of 111. I’m quite sure this love will continue for many years to come. In the meantime, I end this letter now as a fan - with intense feelings of hope, joy, and anticipation.

The future is blindingly bright for The Reign of Kindo."


"hello all,

SO. i know it seems like we’ve been slowly disappearing for a while. this is not the case.

after a time of going back and forth with people and trying to decide what possible step there was for this band other than breaking up, we are very, very excited to announce that we have officially signed with CANDYRAT RECORDS.

some of you will recognize the name from having seen musicians like andy mckee, antoine dufour, or any other one of their superbly talented roster on youtube.

seriously, check some of the stuff out. we plan on having an ep out sometime in early to mid november, with a full length following soon after. basically what we did on 111.

which of course brings me to mention and emphasize how important 111 has been to the life of kindo, how grateful we are to them, how fantastic of a label they are and how honored we are to have had such a good relationship with them. we continue to be friends and supporters of the label, and Candyrat is extremely eager to push and promote the 111 albums just as much as our new music.

so yea. thats whats up. we are going to start recording some of the new music soon (we are very, very happy with how it is coming out). you’ll be seeing new videos and all that good stuff. aaaaaand yep. :) hope this finds everyone well..even though that is unfortunately and physically impossible.

the reign of the water temple and how it is so annoying to have to keep switching the water level every time you want to do the smallest thing."

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