Sunday, 5 July 2009

News - Gracer On Album No. 2

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An update from Gracer on their next album:

"hello everyone,
before we get started, i just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the amazing response to the new material we posted on here and on our purevolume page. i know we’ve been in hiding for the good part of two years now and to see such a huge reaction to our new tunes was just mind blowing. just when i think nobody is listening, something like this happens and completely restores my faith. so, thank you. thank you to all the music websites that posted the news about our songs, thank you to the sites that did interviews with us, thank you to the ones that just wrote us asking to do more interviews, but most importantly, thank YOU. to the old fan - thank you for sticking with us. your constant emails asking when we’re playing *insert your city* and your anticipation for the new record still amazes me everyday. thank you for not losing interest and thank you for your patience. knowing people are out there that still care about this band pushes me to keep playing music everyday. and to the new listener (and i know there are a lot of you based on the overwhelming emails!) thank you for taking the time to check out a new band, and even more for writing to us to let us know your thoughts. so really, just thank you to everyone for boosting our spirits and giving us the kick in the ass we needed. you have no idea how much it means to us.
now, on to business.
i know we’ve been saying that "we’re building a studio at our house" for about a year now, and well, we can stop saying that. we are extremely happy to announce that it is finally finished. we spent all day yesterday loading every piece of gear we have up to the studio. after setting everything up, paul and i just kinda looked at it, looked at each other, and had a "holy shit" moment. this is something that we’ve been talking about for well over a year, and something both of us have always dreamed of having; a fully functional recording studio a staircase away.
soooooo..after a few computer and wiring tweaks, we will be ready to record the 30+ songs we’ve written since i moved here two years ago, and finally make a brand new Gracer album. aside from playing a few shows here and there this summer, we will be spending every waking minute in the studio. we will be documenting the whole process and will keep you guys very up to date on the progress we’re making. so bare with us just a little longer, we’re getting to work as we speak. we hope you enjoy the outcome.

and again, thank you everyone.


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