Thursday, 2 July 2009

Review - Swimming - The Fireflow Trade

Swimming - The Fireflow Trade

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7 out of 10

Who better to pen a song entitled Panthalassa than a band named Swimming and, in doing so, they start The Fireflow Trade off to a rolling start; invoking comparisons with Sonic Youth (during their more accessible times) or The Pixies with Jonathan Donaghue at the microphonic helm.

It has been noted that a sizable chunk of this album seems devoted to the movement of water and therefore it wouldn't be out of place to suggest that Swimming float down a theoretically post rock stream. A stream where break beats and eccentric guitar swirlos tombstone from the riverbank and just as water gradually increases in salinity the further seawards it reaches, similarly Swimming's sense of mature song structuring unfolds as it heads towards it's final beat.

Sure there are moments when they appear to be treading water (sorry, I couldn't resist) and the Mogwai/John Peel favoured sampling on Crescents doesn't seem to add anything other than a salute to their idols. However it is on this sixth track that the band truly gels to become more than just the sum of their parts. They precariously build a mounting riff offensive complete with the type of beats that make Cult of Lunites go all bleary eyed. This shows a careful judgment of patience to produce a blistering composition that showers the listener in smog and sparks.


1. Panthalassa
2. Tiger Shark
3. 9 Sky Open
4. Ease Down the River
5. Crash the Current
6. Crescents
7. Eagle Aviary
8. All in time to the Shoreline
9. Fireflow Trade

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