Thursday, 2 July 2009

Review - Blazin’ Squad - Let’s Start Again (Single)

Blazin’ Squad - Let’s Start Again (Single)

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1 out of 10

Given the subject matter and context of the release in question only one word can sufficiently begin this review:


Blazin' Squad were the kings of the chav legions in the early 2000's, leading hordes of teenage delinquents to do battle against each other at provincial bus stops everywhere. With their hoods up and tracksuit pants tucked into their socks to accentuate their retina scarring mesh blended Nike running sneakers, these under educated turd burglars scowled at the universe from sunken eyeballs bloodshot from too much factory reject hash, white lightening or else WD-40 when times were especially hard.

Yes, Blazin' Squad were the kings. Or at least they thought they were, having actually been referred to as The S Club Juniors of Chav/Garage culture compared with the equally soul destroying but allegedly more legitimate So Solid Crew.

Regardless of their place in the hierarchy of faux ghetto culture at the beginning of the decade, after numerous splits, reformations, line up changes and failed releases even the most despondent pond life (with more golden sovereign rings on their bloated chipolata fingers than GCSE certificates down the back of their sofas) gave up caring whether Blazin' Squad had been swallowed by an unexpected and wholly unexplained black hole.

Nevertheless they are back at it again; amid more gargantuan line up changes. This time round they look markedly cuddlier in their We Are Scientists cardigans and designer haircuts skirting just shy of faux-hawks. No longer do they look like they're going to ask you for a cigarette whilst flashing a fishing knife around, instead more likely to brag about how they were into The Smiths way back before it was hip to say so.

Musically their new release is some kind of mutant cross over ballad complete with a street edge thanks to the rapped verses which sounds like it was composed during some 'down time' working at B&Q.

The squad is noticeably diminished (from ten men down to five) and it really must be said they ain't blazin' much these days. Instead they're trying to look hip whilst waiting for their white chocolate mochas in the corner of a West London Starbuck's.

But hey, shit does happen.


1. Let’s Start Again (Radio Edit)
2. Let’s Start Again (Instrumental)
3. Let's Start Again (Remix) featuring Bashy & Chipmunk

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