Thursday, 2 July 2009

Review - Louis Jeffrey - Pub Crawl

Louis Jeffrey - Pub Crawl

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6 out of 10

Straight Outta Luton; Louis Jeffrey is the new cheeky chap on the scene - taking tips from Braintax and The Streets - the "Pub Crawl" EP takes you out on an average weekend in the life of our man LJ. 5 tracks of suburban UK life - Louis is not going to be appearing on the Culture Show anytime soon - this is Booze Britain on CD.

The title track is an insight into Friday night in any town centre in Britain - cheap booze and cheaper women. Funny at first, but the Beatnut-esque Mariachi beat is the backing for a tale of small town dicks out on the piss, starting fights and being "that group of twats you normally avoid when out". Saved only by the fact that Frank Bruno is in the video - so top marks there!
"Don't Flatter Yourself" - is basically "Fit But Don't You Know It" by The Streets.. but not. Louis is good at rapping, and the beats are good - he just seems to wander a bit too close to the Just Jack/Hard Fi end of wideboy Britain for my taste.

"Rapstar" and "Sunday" are probably the highlights of the EP - good beats and the rhymes are spot on. Imagine if Eminem was from Luton and worked at Kwik Fit..


1. Pub Crawl (Radio Edit)
2. Don't Flatter Yourself
3. The Chase
4. Rapstar
5. Sunday

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