Thursday, 2 July 2009

Review - The Ettes - Danger Is EP

The Ettes - Danger Is EP

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7 out of 10

My immediate thought when first listening to The Ettes latest EP 'Danger Is' is crikey these sound like the White Stripes with a woman singing! And so it goes for all five tracks, Coco singer and Guitarist for The Ettes is a good singer and wouldn't be out of place with a pop act. But The Ettes are described as a 'beat punk' which is a title that sums them up very neatly.

There is a lot of energy on this CD especially in the two lives tracks at the end, which really shows how raw they can be live. And whilst not really breaking any moulds with this music they are certainly producing fun and danceable tracks.


1. No Home
2. Lo And Behold
3. Subject
4. The Rules (Live at the Steve Allen Theatre - LA 2004)
5. I Heard Tell (Live at Arlene's Grocery - NYC 2008)

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