Thursday, 2 July 2009

News - innerpartysystem = ex-Island Records

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innerpartysystem are no longer on Island Records and you can read all about it and more below. This is taken from their MySpace blog:

"Hello everyone, We know we've been a little elusive as of late with news, but we have a few really big updates. First off: Innerpartysystem is no longer on Island Records. There's really nothing else to be said there. There are some really amazing, overworked, underpaid, stressed out people who love music, working very hard there. and there are a handful of people who just didn't really understand this band, and didn't know how to react when 'Don't Stop' wasn't 'Just Dance.' Our bad there. There's a particularly badass crew at Island UK, who really fought and worked the hell out of this brand new, no name band from America, and we're sincerely thankful that we’ve had the team by our side to help build such a strong foundation for this band. At the end of the day, our label teams made this past year possible, gave us the freedom to make the album we wanted to make, and forked over the cash for us to build our (albeit extremely modest) studio and stage show. So thank you! This is a very exciting time for us. But it's really made us realize that now, more than ever, we need to directly connect with our fans. There's no amount of marketing money that is more valuable than IPS being able to directly communicate with you, and let you know exactly what's going on in our world. With that in mind, our tech guru/ soundman extraordinaire, Andy, has put together is a forum site specifically for IPS fans where we can communicate with you directly, and most importantly, use it as a place to give you free exclusive music, videos, and whatever else the gods of the interweb may dream up. To celebrate the launch, we're posting a free download of our 'Official Warped Tour/Summer Mixtape,' featuring most of our remixes from the past year, artists we love, and a few new surprises. For the audiophiles, we've also posted stems for you to remix and DJ including: 'Obsession,' 'Heart Of Fire,' 'Last Night In Brooklyn,' 'New Poetry,' and 'Don't Stop.' So, now you've got something to pass those lazy summer hours you've been spending indoors staring at computer screens. To the handful of LOYAL, awesome forum members on we love you guys, but the party's moving to the new forum on We don't think is going anywhere anytime soon, and we'll try to keep it updated, but at the end of the day, the label paid for it, so it might disappear. We don't wanna leave you hangin.' Once we get this all figured out we'll consolidate the two sites, which will probably coincide with our next album cycle. We'll also be looking to start a more intense IPS street team in the near future. Keep your eyes on the email list updates for more info. Fans of IPS, we appreciate you. We need you. We wouldn't exist without you. We want you to know that every time you send us a message, talk to us at a show, or help us spread our music in any way, that sincerely means something to us and we'd never take it for granted. Now more then ever we really need your help to keep this train moving forward. We can't wait to share new music with you later this year, and we hope to see tons of you on warped. Until next time. -IIIII OH and if you haven't already been voting: KERRANG AWARDS: BEST INTERNATIONAL NEWCOMER. Vote for us now at We're up against some really great bands. but FUCK EM, vote for us."

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