Saturday, 13 December 2008

Review - Tracy Chapman - Our Bright Future

Tracy Chapman - Our Bright Future

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6 out of 10

You do know who Tracy Chapman is, right? I’m assuming you do, so if not you should probably go find out. Go on.

Everybody back? Excellent. Now, it’s a given that Ms Chapman has an amazing voice, and it’s pretty fair to say that musically this album is very pleasant indeed. Lush stings, genteel piano and plucked guitar are backed by warm double bass and jazz drums, and it all compliments Tracy’s voice very nicely. The trouble’s a bit too nice. It’s the kind of album that you could listen to with your family around the fire on Christmas day, and I suppose that’s not a bad thing exactly. I just always think of Tracy Chapman as being a bit more political, more edgy for want of a better word.

I’m also not overly keen on the very Christian stance of some of the songs (Save us All in particular) but I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion. For some reason Johnny Cash’s religious songs never bothered me, but this does.

Our Bright Future is an extremely polished, well written album, which will probably appeal to all sorts of people, and I can pretty much guarantee you won’t hate it. You probably won’t love it either, though. Oh, the website is pretty cool though - it has colouring in!


1.Sing for You
2.I Did it All
3.Save us All
4.Our Bright Future
5. For a Dream
6.Thinking of You
7. A Theory
8. Conditional
9. Something to See
10. The First Person on Earth
11. Spring

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