Saturday, 13 December 2008

Review - Loci - Medic

Loci - Medic

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8 out of 10

Loci have a decent sound - kind of like Queens of the Stone Age on steroids. Trouble is, after a couple of tunes, they start to sound a little similar. I don't think that is their fault though, in fact I imagine on stage they probably sound awesome, full of big chunks of rock and right in your face, but on CD I'm not sure their brutal honesty shines through enough to do them justice.

Here are my favourite things about Loci

. They have a cool name - Loci (something to do with remembering things)
. They serve up rock in big chunks
. They have cool matrix style random graphics on their CD and website
. The sound a bit like Nine Inch Nails
. They have a hot bass player
. They have a hot bass player
. They use the word "haemorrhaging" in the press release and spell it right

And finally:

. They have a hot bass player (did I mention that?)


1. Crash
2. Negatives
3. Quoits
4. Z?
5. Sucker punch
6. DEDovshchina

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