Monday, 22 December 2008

Review - Laura Izibor - Album Sampler

Laura Izibor - Album Sampler

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9 out of 10

Laura Izibor is a new singing sensation from Dublin, who has an amazing voice and catchy pop songs that will dominate the radio waves in times to come. Izibor clearly has some talent, with an incredible pop voice. She will clearly be dubbed as a modern Aretha Franklin, and will draw comparisons to Alicia Keys, but she is offering something a little different.

'Shine' is a great pop tune, with catchy choruses, hooks and melodies, all fronted by an incredible vocal. The single, 'From My Heart To Yours' manages to successfully combine all manner of genres, including some nice soul style horns, and big beats, yet in my opinion, isn't a patch on 'Shine' (which has me hoping it will be a 'soft single' to pave the way for Shine!).

'If Tonight Is My Last' and 'Don't Stay' are both good songs with lovely vocals, and nice instrumentation, and even though they are not a patch on the previous two songs, they are still insanely catchy and chart ready.

Laura Izibor could well be the face of pop music in 2009, and is definitely worth watching out for.


1. Shine
2. From My Heart To Yours
3. If Tonight Is My Last
4. Don't Stay

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