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Review - Jet Pilot - Yeah, We Do Dance To Architecture!

Jet Pilot - Yeah, We Do Dance To Architecture!

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6 out of 10

"Yeah, We Do Dance To Architecture!"? Really? Fine, if you want to play the 'we're wacky, us!" card, I suppose it's only fair that I join in with this review. So, how about one non-stop listen through, with time-annotated first impressions? Does that sound madcap enough for you? Well tough. Go -

0:17 - Well, Jimmy Urine is probably going to be suing.
1:46 - Actually, scratch that. MSI are probably just going to sue en masse.
2:30 - 3:30 - Wow, that's a lot of feedback to go at the end of the first song. Wacky!
4:45 - Ooh, organ. It's like Rolo Tomassi, just without any balls.
5:30 - Hmm, so we're now on to the DFA1979 comparisons. Actually, looking at the bio, it's just bass, drums, keys & vocals, so that's not surprising, really.
6:28 - "We suck at this"? "We circumvent"? "With psycho verse"? "Recycle beats"? WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY SAYING? And why do they keep saying it?
11:42 - "I need to look good, when the flames reflect off my GUCCI GLASSES!" Nice.
15:03 - "My best friend's name is Tom! He's the master of the universe". Pure Mclusky. See when you can actually hear what the lyrics are, they turn out to be quite good.
16:44 - Actually this one's gone a bit boring. Shame, I liked Mclusky.
21:21 - I've decided I actually like the lack of guitar. Makes it sound grimy, but then the keyboards keeps it from being too doomy
27:47 - Ok, this has got a lot less bouncy as the record has gone on. The early bits were fun, but it's actually a bit depressing now.
29:07 - He's discovered the button on his vocoder for death metal vocals. It might be a bit late though.
31:14 - And now we're doing post-rock for a bit. Again, it might be too late.
32:45 - Hey, the production just got a lot better, what the hell? Oh, it's a remix. And it's the "we psycho piss' bit again. Joy.

Ok, so looking back, that's not as wacky a review as I first expected. Unfortunately, neither is this album. Pick a few electro-tinged, slightly 'spazzy' bands you know of, and there are probably a few sections that will match up. But you might just want to stick with those bands.

Listen: www.myspace.com/jetpiloten

1. Jingle Of The Protagonist
2. Eve, You'll Get Paid By The Viewers On The Internet!
3. Acid Stalks & Caffeine Blossoms
4. For The Dark In Happiness
5. Set Your Neighbours On Fire
6. Armageddon For The Kids
7. My Best Friend's Name Is Tom ("Friend Extensions")
8. Championship Clapping
9. Tons And Tons Of Concrete Air
10. Enemies..Alive
11. Ice Cream Summer Scheme
12. Yeah, We Do Dance To Architecture!
13. On Our Way To Dunghill City
14. Acid Stalks & Caffeine Blossoms (Leonard Las Vegas Haunted House Remix)
15. Set Your Neighbours On Fire (Leonard Las Vegas Tasty Pie Remix)
Bonus (Videos):
1. Set Your Neighbours On Fire (Video shot by Lenox)
2. Jingle Of The Protagonist (Video shot by Matthias "Kid" Passon)

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