Sunday, 7 December 2008

Review - The Holloways - Sinners And Winners EP

The Holloways - Sinners And Winners EP

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7 out of 10

I really don't know where I stand with The Holloways. On one hand Edith Bowman likes them and on the other I cannot seem to dislike them, I bought my girlfriend their debut "So This Is Great Britain", but in fairness did it quite selfishly. The Holloways are unique in their likeability, style and indeed output.

Their new EP "Sinners And Winners" will be available on download and a very limited run of 500 vinyl on Orchard Records. The EP itself takes a wry look at the industry, which I can assume they have been somewhat let down by.?

This record will certainly satisfy Holloways fans, it doesn't stray far from what worked for them on their debut full length album - reminding me at times of such lost treasures as the Frank and Walters and the Wonderstuff. A great little EP, that could have been a great little summer soundtrack.

Additionally, I understand that a full length album entitled "Tales From the Tarmac" will follow early next year.


1. Sinners & Winners
2. PSB
3. Kill This Day
4. Forever

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