Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Review - Enrique Iglesias - Away (Single)

Enrique Iglesias - Away (Single)

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3 out of 10

This is one of two brand new tracks that are lazily tagged onto the end, sorry. feature on and greatly enhance Senor Iglesias Jr.'s just-released 'Greatest Hits' album. It starts promisingly with some dreamy Vangelis synth but then droops its weary shoulders and hunches into a clumsy, lurching attempt at a Latino-tinged R'n'B ballad in which, during the inane chorus, it sounds like he's speaking in tongues or practising vocal exercises: 'Why you wanna throw me away? Oh Why? No way, no way. Away! Oh! Why?!'

He perhaps should've fit 'Hawaii' into the lyrics somewhere and completed the set.

'Away' could actually be a farewell song to his slowly diminishing facial mole, as I recall that had a Geordie accent on Bo! Selecta. 'Away the lads'. 'Away, Enrique, let's gan doon tha toon'. Overall, it's a fine reminder of just how bally well seductive Enrique can sound, even when he's simply imparting random vowel sounds. A tea-spluttering 41 million worldwide album sales say he's doing something right.

Listen: www.myspace.com/enriqueiglesias

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