Saturday, 13 December 2008

Review - Thyrd Eye - Say Something (Single)

Thyrd Eye - Say Something (Single)

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4 out of 10

Despite the arrival of this debut single signalling another demo band to wade through, Thyrd Eye, despite the terrible spelling, have written a catchy enough song that reminds of a bratty, QOTSA crossed with something akin to Placebo. Driving riffs, and skippy drumming, dual male/female vocals. It's all good. Despite...and this is a big despite.....whoever proofed this for release must have been Death, as this horrible, bitty, digital feedback comes in and sucks the life out of every chorus. If its intentional then it's one of the worst ideas off all time, right up there with invading Iraq and that brown bread that is sliced and painted to look like white bread.

The other tracks lack the song writing suss of "Say Something" and come across as, pretty much what they are...B-sides.

Not bad, not impressive, not really that engaging, but it shows some promise. Get rid of the feedback next time.


1. Say Something
2. After Death
3. My Last Time

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