Saturday, 13 December 2008

Review - Celebrity Love Crisis - Demo

Celebrity Love Crisis - Demo

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7 out of 10

You know those records you listen to where just as you have the band pinned down they change tact and send you spinning? Well York based Celebrity Love Crisis are one of those bands.

Opener "Loud Like Star Trek" comes across as Botch, Pelican and King Crimson all condensed into a tiny space and forced to compromise. Angular time changes, topsy turvy riffs and chunky production. "Blowjob Soliloquy" introduces some roared vocals near the end after it's felt you up with its spidery, climbing riff patterns and grooves that slink into the rolling rhythm of the ending.
"Fat And Glamorous" adds clean, chiming guitars contrasted against hectic scale runs and acoustic sections that remind of Shadows Fall minus the thrash with added prog.

Unless you hear it it's always hard to put into words a release that encompasses so many ideas and dynamics, so get hold of a copy and listen for yourselves.


1. Make It Loud Like Star Trek
2. Blowjob Soliloquy
3. Fat And Glamorous

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