Sunday, 21 December 2008

Review - Emergency Gate - Rewake

Emergency Gate - Rewake

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7 out of 10

Every now and again I get the urge to listen to something wholesome and melodic. Not the sort of "emo" guff that everyone raves about these days, but some good solid European melodic death metal. Well, despite the absolutely ridiculous name, Emergency Gate hit the spot quite well indeed. Rewake is a storming maelstrom of every possible Euro metal cliché, but it works.

There are enough Gothenburg riffs on this disc to keep At The Gates in royalties for years to come and more than enough gargled glass vocals to make Tomas Lindberg proud. This is the sort of metal that should be required listening for long journeys, head banging your way around the M25 whilst flipping everyone off and screaming from lane to lane narrowly avoiding death. That said, it is still pretty generic and it still gets boring after a few repeat listens.


1. Double Suicide
2. Slave
3. Of Stars And The Drifting
4. Next In Line
5. Unbeing
6. Gold And Glass
7. The Purpose
8. Trust In Me
9. Remains
10. Elementor
11. Life V2.0
12. Lullaby

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