Monday, 22 December 2008

Review - The Gentlemen - A Candid History of Faith Hope Love (Album Sampler)

The Gentlemen - A Candid History of Faith Hope Love (Album Sampler)

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7 out of 10

The Gentlemen are a four-piece Sheffield based indie band. A Candid History. is their second album, recorded after two years of heavy touring. The band claim to have an unmissable live show, with punchy indie tunes to accompany it.

'Push Back' bursts in to life with the driven bass line and solid drums, with lead singer Nick Noble jumping all over the vocal range. 'I'm Not Leaving' is a guitar driven track; with an accompanying pushing bass line and drum track, and the chorus is a full on synth assault.

'Sending Cards' builds up a classic pop song, with its stop start vocals and instruments. 'For Better Or For Worse?' is laden with guitar riffage, sing-along choruses and nice thick arrangements. The song builds to an anthemic climax, which would go down well at any sold-out stadium! The closing track 'Done Me Wrong' pushes us in to a heavy climax, from the monologue of a young child it builds and builds, until it is a wall of noise at the end.

The band would certainly be worth checking out if you like your anthems and your indie, and as a well gigged band, they should offer a brilliant live experience.


1. Push Back
2. I'm Not Leaving
3. Sending Cards
4. For Better Or For Worse?
5. Done Me Wrong

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