Monday, 22 December 2008

Review - Ivan Campo - Super 7

Ivan Campo - Super 7

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8 out of 10

Ivan Campo seems like modern veterans of the music scene, with an impressive nine EP's. Their most recent one, Super 7 brings an eclectic mix of songs, instruments and lulling northern vocals.

The influences of the band are obviously far flung; there are elements of The Coral here, notably in 'Lotus Eater', Arcade Fire and classic harmony drenched music like Beach Boys and Beatles.

'The Great Procrastinator' which opens the EP contains some lovely vocals and some nice instrumentation, which would be a good hit with acoustic indie lovers. 'The Curse' contains some interesting instrumentation, and nice harmonies, offering a positive slice of summer pop. 'Rat Race' and 'Darling Diva' both have factors that are very reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, and would be a welcome addition to fans of bands such as The Beatles and The La's. The EP seems to be drenched in a 60s vibe, and it's more evident in 'The Girl I Think I Thought I Saw'. 'The B&B', which is the last track on the album is a wonderful way to sum up the album, as a breezy piece of summer love.

This band would probably be welcomed with open arms by fans of bands such as The Beatles, The Coral, Simon and Garfunkel and even Noah and the Whale. They should probably look a bit more at the way they arrange their tracks, the inclusion of all the acoustic guitars and shakers could probably prove too much for some people as they travel through the seven tracks.


1. The Great Procrastinator
2. Lotus Eater
3. The Curse
4. Rat Race
5. Darling Diva
6. The Girl I Think I Thought I Saw
7. The B&B

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