Monday, 22 December 2008

News - House Of Fools Need A New Drummer

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House Of Fools are looking to record a new album, but they need a new drummer. Read an update from the band here:

"Hello, and Happy Holidays to all our beloved friends, family, and fans.

2008 has been a rough year for House of Fools. Honestly, after the Limbeck tour in April, our plan was to stay home and write for a little while. Our label, management, and publishers were all in agreement that was to be the plan, and we would go back into the studio to record another album. We kept working and will continue to work hard in 2009, but a lot of other parties in the House of Fools ’team’ disappeared on us and we’ve been in a weird stalemate period in a lot of ways. We’ve written and recorded close to 30 new songs over our time off the road and are still working towards putting out our next album in 2009. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for not giving up on us and for having our backs.

Unfortunately, speaking of backs, it is probably time to mention that our drummer Phil Bell has degenerative disc disease. He has had it for years now, and has always pulled through, but due to recent flare-ups and talks of surgery with a chance of possible paralysis, Phil is too young to continue long and strenuous drives in a van on tour, or be in that kind of pain due to playing drums every night. So, House of Fools will be looking for a new drummer. This is not an ugly divorce by any means. It’s deeply saddening for all of us, for Phil is a phenomenal musician and friend and his presence has always added something unique and steady to the often-times chaotic nature of the band. He’s been through the best and worst of it with us, and we will be sad to see him go, as well as happy to celebrate the 4 years of kick-ass drumming and dedication he has given us. ...2008 has been humbling, to say the least. Going to temp agencies and working odd jobs to make ends meet just to continue the life of this band has become tiresome for all of us.

BUT we assure you we will continue to play music as long as you guys continue to listen. We hope to be back on our feet, touring, have an awesome new record out, date supermodels, and take over the world in 2009! Okay, maybe not the last 2, but if they come our way so be it! We still believe in what we do, not just because it makes us happy, but because you guys believe in it.

With love and determination,

-House of Fools"

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