Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw

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7 out of 10

Tigers Jaw release their latest self-titled album that is full of indie pop punk rock tunes that may remind some people of bands like The Weakerthans and Weezer. They have presented ten promising tracks on the album, which should leave a promising imprint on the music scene that could easily be the sound track to many an American youth's summer.

Standout tracks include I Saw Water and Meals on Wheels, the former seeming like the main track of the album. There are some filler tracks on here, but they still contain some promising elements. Some of the tracks did just wash over me, with similar chord structures and melodies, but hey - it's pop punk.

Most impressive about Tigers Jaw is their honest approach to their sound, admitting where they draw their influences from, and also owning up to creating no kind of new sound or genre, just more promising music that can stand it's own with their peers.


1. The Sun
2. Plane Vs Tank Vs Submarine
3. I Saw Water
4. Chemicals
5. Between Your Band The Other Band
7. I Was Never Your Boyfriend
8. Meals On Wheels
9. Arms Across America
10. Never Saw It Coming

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