Sunday, 26 October 2008

Review - Alkaline Trio - I Found Away (Single)

Alkaline Trio - I Found Away (Single)

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7 out of 10

Alkaline Trio's first record for V2 ('Agony & Irony') follows on in much the same vein as their last two on Vagrant. The'80s MTV rock bombast - the type that Fall Out Boy are going to take to arenas around the world - is probably more pronounced than on 'Good Mourning' and 'Crimson', and their advance into the American mainstream has accelerated. 'Agony & Irony' reached number 13 in the Billboard Chart and the band has even been in the dreadful spoilt brat docusoap 'The Hills'.

'I Found Away' puts Matt Skiba's already odd voice through various FX; synths chime and snares echo like grunge and Green Day never happened. But while they might appear to be pandering to the mainstream, the Trio are actually getting pretty deep on us. The song opens with a quote of Dante's 'The Divine Comedy' and concerns Skiba's partaking in Transcendental Meditation - almost as far away from the band's previous flirtations with the Church of Satan as you can get. How you're supposed to meditate to it rather than pogo is beyond me though.


1. I Found Away

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