Sunday, 26 October 2008

Review - Mea - Candyhead

Mea - Candyhead

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8 out of 10

Firstly, I nearly couldn't be bothered with this CD - purely based on the fact that it is just a CDr with the name on the band barely legibly scrawled across the bottom. I nearly pushed it to the bottom of the pile. I nearly didn't listen at all.

That would have been a huge mistake.

MEA, romping their way from South Wales to the rest of the world, have offered us five, intricate slices of rock, interweaving a great vocal performance with some excellent guitar work and some big fat beats. Oh yeah, and it helps that a hot girl sings. These are songs about love and hate, about ups and downs and a powerful, melodic sound akin to Tsunami Bomb, A Perfect Circle and Skunk Anansi.


1. The Carousel
2. Pebble The Rebel
3. Pethadine
5. Violet Wine

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