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Review - Loz Jones - Spoiling It For Everyone

Loz Jones - Spoiling It For Everyone

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6 out of 10

'It's not bad, but it's not brilliant' is a comment that could be applied to so many releases by so many bands. Mostly these are pub bands that have been convinced that their live performances warrant an attempt at the big time. Unfortunately, while many of them will certainly keep you entertained while you down a few pints and nip outside for a fag between sets, few of them actually do the business on the little round plastic disks. This isn't to say the bands are awful but it does mean they don't quite cut the mustard.

So it is my due to inform you that Loz Jones' new album is not bad, but it's not brilliant either. Initial opener, 'Edge of Town' sounds like Right Said Fred gone rock. And that's the only real stand out track. It's all right, worth a listen, but after that things go downhill pretty sharpish. "Beautifully Naive" is a bog standard generic plodder whilst the follow up "How Can I Sleep?" is almost guaranteed to cure insomnia. And forever after is a pop/rock jog. It's not a complete slate fest. The production is mint, the band can play technically well and there are some good riffs, melodies and the bass stands out well. The two things that drag this release down are vocals and lyrics. Vocals are weak, sometimes sound strained, of key or out of tune. Lyrics are dull, uninspired and boring. A bit like Orson in a sense, but with better instrumentalists.

I could of just sat down and said, "It's crap son", as it happens it's not and has its points worth mentioning. It's not bad, but it's not brilliant either.


1. Edge Of Town
2. Beautifully Naïve
3. How Can I Sleep
4. Out Of Focus
5. 3-Minute Hug
6. Idiot Room
7. Watching You Think
8. She Glows In The Dark
9. It's Time
10. Heckle
11. Awaking Times

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