Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Dr Slaggleberry - Tuc Into The Tar

Dr Slaggleberry - Tuc Into The Tar

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5 out of 10

The white-masked doctors are back with their unique blend of math metal, progressive rock, jazzcore and experimental sounds but, well, it's all a little dull.

Anything I was going to get from the this band was available in the first 30 seconds of Extra Strength Grandma and this is one of the dangers of instrumental bands, quite often there is a huge hole left by the lack of a vocal line.

In fact, it's not until two minutes and thirty seconds into the third track that the tunes caught my attention and I can't help but feel that was a bit long to wait.



1. Extra Strength Grandma
2. Lead Rabbit
3. Tails Of The Blind Donkey

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