Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Provoke - This Is Real

Provoke - This Is Real

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8 out of 10

This Is Real is the product of four years of Provoke working their arses off to get recognised as a serious contender for the Australian hardcore crown. This Is Real showcases the honest, no bullshit side of the scene down under that Provoke perpetuate and puts a serious fire under the arses of fellow countrymen 50 Lions and Mindsnare. This is reminiscent of bands like Madball, Knuckledust and Agnostic Front; no hype, no bullshit and most definitely not soft in the slightest.

Track by track, the staying true to yourself, your friends and your family clich├ęs are firmly in place and for once I really don't mind. Provoke are a hardcore band that don't need to rely on lulling into a faux American accent like so many of their Australian contemporaries. They possess a raw, unpolished edge that makes them twenty times harder hitting and when those breakdowns come crashing in, you will most definitely want to throw someone through a window headfirst. This record is most definitely real, and I'm most definitely moshing.


1. Curse Your Name
2. I Check Myself
3. Step Up Again
4. So Full Of Hate
5. You Are Defined
6. Backstabber! Betrayer!
7. My Life My Way
8. Police State
9. Left Behind
10. Still Believe

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