Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - The Brascoes - First Impressions Of You (Single)

The Brascoes - First Impressions Of You (Single)

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5 out of 10

Bands that have broken out of Birmingham in the last few years have had mixed fortunes - mainly because of their mixed abilities. Johnny Foreigner are loved by just about everyone while The Twang have become a byword for massive flop and making the 'NME' look stupid for sticking them on the cover. And in the middle are Editors who are alright.

Brummies The Brascoes have recorded their debut single with Twang and Editors producer Gavin Monaghan, look like Top Man models (indie one, rock god one, street one, other one) and play Asda George indie.

Both songs here are lighter versions the tightly knitted post-punk of Editors and early Bloc Party - singer/guitarist Dan Jones has picked up Kele Okereke's habit of yelping the end of sentences too. The lyrics on 'First Impressions Of You' become a self-fulfilling prophecy though, when Jones sings: "It's all just shades of the same grey"; and, "You can't see that the route that you are taking/Is the same one that everyone else is taking now." Actually, the latter isn't strictly true; it's the same route everyone took about three years ago.


1. First Impressions Of You
2. Private March

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