Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Long Day Gone - Don't Say Goodbye (Single)

Long Day Gone - Don't Say Goodbye (Single)

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6 out of 10

After my first listen, the title track sounded nothing more than ok. It slowly grows on you a little bit at a time, but I kept giving it a listen to see if I was missing something, instead of following my first impressions of 'why is this being released?'

Then I started to get it! It is a very well put together song and it all works well together.
The drumming is very prominent in the single and the vocals do make you want to sing along.

I don't know why, and this doesn't happen very often, but I wanted to know a bit more about this band and did want to hear more.

If I was to suggest anything, it would be to go their myspace page and check out some of their other tunes. 'Fallout' is a great track available to listen to on their www. and definitely worth listening to.

I wish the best of luck to this band; it's a shame they seem to only stick to the Midlands when playing live, instead of coming up north, by looking at their videos, they will probably be quite good.


1. Don't Say Goodbye
2. We Are

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