Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Shaggy - The Boombastic Collection

Shaggy - The Boombastic Collection

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6 out of 10

When I got asked to do this review I thought "great I used to love Shaggy when I was younger" and it brought all those memories of dancing in the "Summertime".

For those of you like me who remember Shaggy's main hits "Boombastic", "In the Summertime", "It wasn't Me" and "Oh Carolina" you might be a bit disappointed as these were about the only songs that you'll recognise. However on saying that not recognising some of the songs is not a bad thing they are good and along the same vein as the ones you know and love but just aren't quite as catchy.

He has put out a lot of collaborations with artists and some work and some don't. Some of those who he is singing with I haven't even heard of! But that might be just me. Others artists he's worked with like the Pussycat Dolls I do know, but the actual song I've never heard before on the radio, which is a shame as it's a good track.

Overall it is a feel good album with some great tracks on it and, well, if you like Shaggy it's one to buy.


1. Boombastic
2. Strength of a woman
3. Angel
4. Hey Sexy Lady
5. Feel the rush
6. Those days
7. Don't ask her that
8. It wasn't me
9. Hope
10. In the Summertime
11. Luv me, luv me
12. Oh Carolina
13. Ready fi di ride
14. Church heathen
15. Leave it to me
16. Would you be
17. Wild 2 Nite
18. Gone with the angels

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