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Review - Over The Wall - The Rise And Fall Of Over The Wall

Over The Wall - The Rise And Fall Of Over The Wall

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8 out of 10

When the first track 'Thurso' started, I did start to think 'here's another singer songwriting duo!', then it all changed just over 3 minutes into the song - fantastic - brass, drums, harmonica, did I mention brass? Not enough songs have good brass sections in it, and what a brilliant ending to a slow starting song.

'Gimmie Five' has a great drum sound to the song, the vocals sound like they are stretched, but it just fits in really well with everything else going on. The synth sounds blends in well with the end of the song.

Track 3 'Floods' starts with some beautiful strings and have main vocals which do sound quite like one of the biggest bands in the world today beginning with a C. It's a lot slower than the other songs, but is very addictive. I want to know where the basis of the song came from, it doesn't sound like it going anywhere, but that's fine.

So far, so good with this mini album, I've had brass and strings with some harmonica thrown in for good measure. Then track 4 'A Grand Defeat' begins slowly, but going by the other songs, it might not end that way, and I was right, it picks up. The sound is quite fast but the whole song sounds slow due to the way the song is sung. That sounds better in my head than the way I have tried to describe it.

Being a sucker for gigs, I was glad to see the Over The Wall are playing in Newcastle in November, so will hopefully be able to get to see them, I would love to see this whole sound performed live.

This is a beautiful small collection of tracks which I will definitely be recommending to other people. This is a must.

Keep an ear out for this band, I am hoping they become bigger, they deserve it.


1. Thurso
2. Gimmie Five
3. Floods
4. A Grand Defeat

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