Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Instant Species - Miraculous Curative Compound

Instant Species - Miraculous Curative Compound

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7 out of 10

Instant Species release their seventh (SEVENTH!) long play album 'Miraculous Curative Compund' which is full of fast paced, short, punk pop tunes, all bordering the two minute mark. The fourteen-track album is actually under 25 minutes long!

There are some poor lyrical ideas on the album; however, the album serves its purpose as fun pop. Tracks like 'You Should Know What To Do' and 'Exception to the rule' have a bit more depth than other tracks, but there's no harm had in consuming some humorous, fast paced music is there?

This band seems like it's here to stay, with over 10 years experience to their name, so you may as well get used to it, and have some fun whilst you're at it.


1. Step in to the mantrap
2. Set your sights a little higher
3. You might like to reconsider
4. Beware of Sarah
5. You should know what to do
6. A manager, a lawyer and a label
7. Exception to the rule
8. This is where the trouble begins
9. Two faced
10. Small town beauty queen
11. An apology for Joanne
12. Into the wild
13. Call of the wild
14. Surfin' Dave

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