Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - TD Lind - Call Me Sinner

TD Lind - Call Me Sinner

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9 out of 10

TD Lind is set to release his excellent new album 'Call Me Sinner' on 27th October on 'Tall Tale Records'. The album is a brilliant, organic mixture of blues, country and Americana that wouldn't go amiss on the back of any late evening porches in the heart of America.

The album has a very organic and natural feel to it, tracks like 'Coming Home' and the gorgeous 'Rise and fall' sound really earthy, whereas there's a slight departure with slightly more polished tracks like 'La La Love'. Standout tracks include 'Used to call her trouble', the beautiful 'Sing to the moon' and my personal favourite 'Rise and fall'.

This is a promising collection of songs from an artist I will definitely be looking to hear more of, deep set in the roots of some beautiful genres and performed and put together with love and care.


1. Used to call her trouble
2. Call me a sinner
3. Coming home
4. Rise and fall
5. Cold heart
6. La la love
7. Boy
8. Rock bottom
9. Sing to the moon
10. Miss Friday night

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