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Review - Desalvo - Mood Poisoner

Desalvo - Mood Poisoner

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8 out of 10

I don’t know what they are putting in the water up in Glasgow, but after Take A Worm For A Walk Week’s blistering, noisy assault, here comes equally as unhinged loonies Desalvo. Sharing a 7" with the afor-mentioned band and members with indie types Idlewild you would be a bit unsure of what to expect. The name doesn’t give much away, until you read the titles on the back or glance at the nuns with ball gags and pigs artwork of the cover.

The PR blurb makes note of all the usual big names...Converge, Botch, Mastodon etc. Only really Botch rings true here I think. And then only in the bands use of those turn on a dime tempo changes. We are dealing with something very noisy from that end of the spectrum. But unlike our transatlantic cousins, Desalvo have something very home-grown and a lot dirtier and punk than all of that

The ace in their hand is vocalist P6. A man of big proportions, an intimidating stage persona and a wounded howl of sheer desperation. Its his vocals and twisted lyrics that give Desalvo that extra. Screeching and howling through the 180 degree tempos changes, the discordant riffing and twisted song structures. At times recalling Temple Of The Morning Star era Today Is The Day crossed with a more punk take on the whole Botch/Coalesce. And that is a pretty shit hot sounding combination in my book. One that I am more than willing to endorse as well.


1. Brownflag
2. Tonguescraper Parts 1 & 2
3. Ripper Situation
4. Latrine Lizard
5. Get Black
6. Oedipius Rising
7. Schindler’s Lift
8. Questionable Sport?
9. Spandoflage
10. Cock Swastika

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