Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Dolium - El Vampiro Attack

Dolium - El Vampiro Attack

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8 out of 10

Dolium take punk rock with a sizeable dose of Grunge and pour it into a pot of sinister feelings and creepy vocals. And what you get is their El Vampiro Attack! EP which contains 4 tracks based around the undead world of Vampires. Their Pixies influence is most evident on tracks 3 and 4 with the use of the dual vocals of both main players Reece Adamo and Ms De Vine. Both of these tracks have disturbingly slow rhythms, which only add to their dark atmosphere.

Lead track You've Got Holes is a frenetic rock n' roll nightmare which is only really held back by the repeated lyrics. My only feeling is that they could have worked a bit more on them and really delved deeper into Vampire mysticism. That said this is the only thing I've listened to recently that has actually make me sit up and take notice, so I hope to hear more from these in the future.


1. You've Got Holes
2. (She Can't) Stake My Heart!
3. Oh Lord, I See No Reflection
4. Coughin' in the Coffin [Edit]

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