Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes

Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes

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9 out of 10

Maine is better known for producing the master of modern horror fiction Stephen King than it is for hardcore bands, however all that is about to change. Cruel Hand stormed on to the contemporary hardcore scene in 2007 with their debut "Without A Pulse" and set forth distancing themselves from their former bands and creating a legacy of their own rapidly.

Album opener Above & Below is a stern warning of what is about to come, with it's standard, but hard as nails cymbal trapped, palm muted guitar chug intro. This leads into possibly the hardest track I've heard this year in the form of Dead Weight. The thrashy foundations that made the tracks on Without A Pulse so good are still in place; yet they have compressed and in most places removed all the filler material. With that in mind Prying Eyes is most definitely a massive step forward from Without A Pulse. From start to finish a pure, fist clenched rager of a record.


1. Above and Below
2. Dead Wight
3. Life In Shambles
4. Begin Descension
5. Motions That Lie
6. Hounds
7. Damaged Goods
8. Heart Failure
9. No Known Graves
10. Prying Eyes
11. House Arrest
12. Wisdom Pain

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