Thursday, 23 October 2008

Review - Dissolved In - Proudly Dressed EP

Dissolved In - Proudly Dressed EP

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4 out of 10

First off - the name? Dissolved in. what?
Secondly - Proudly dressed. just like Elliot Minor or My Chemical Romance?

Despite these misgivings, this EP is five fairly harmless slabs of pop that sound, well, OK I guess. There is nothing groundbreaking here, simply four lads from Berkshire that look a bit like most Emo pop acts of the moment and sound fairly similar too. Heavy on synth and chunky guitar riffs, the tunes aren't bad at all; they just don't rock my world. Having said that, their quirky pop stylings have landed them on the same stages as heavy contemporaries Fightstar and We are The Ocean providing what Kerrang magazine referred to as 'a sterling opening blast'.

Keep an open mind on this one folks, I am 99.99999% that there are much better things to come from these guys in the not to distant future.


1. Mapped Roads
2. Egocentric
3. Peter Pan Syndrome
4. First impressions
5. Avoiding atrophy

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