Sunday, 26 October 2008

Review - The Brascoes - First Impressions Of You (Single)

The Brascoes - First Impressions Of You (Single)

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4 out of 10

Twanging out of Birmingham come this quartet of scruffs, winners of the mighty Surface Best Unsigned Band 2007, don't you know. What the other contestant were like in that competition I have no idea, but the winners are your basic Bloc Party / Arctic Monkeys-lite. Perfectly danceable songs, not in the least bit offensive or challenging and so long as bands like the aforementioned pair exist they need never want for an ideal support act.

As the title track says, it is indeed 'all just shades of the same grey'. But that's a very fashionable colour, apparently. Private March is slightly more interesting, with its darker tone, off-beat drumming and slight whiff of Police guitars. But it's still a grey old day all round. Don't they get sun in Birmingham?


1. First Impressions of You
2. Private March

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