Sunday, 26 October 2008

Review - Lucky Funeral - Lucky Funeral

Lucky Funeral - Lucky Funeral

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3 out of 10

Greek stoner rock. You may not wish to read any further.

For those of you still with us, we have the everything-fuzzier-than-everything-else handbook writ large, here - marijuana's never killed anyone / fuck you, man / yeahhh, fuck you / repeat, ad nauseum. Lucky Funeral may cite the usual Sabbath / Kyuss influences, look like they've stepped straight off the set of Deliverance and bear stage names unfortunately mangled by a Medieval font ( 'Pork Ass' ? 'Dickolis' ?), but what we have here is a very stoned Soundgarden tribute band attempting Mindfunk's Dropped. The title track and Bleeding Thoughts are the high points (pardon the pun), with an evil plod to the former and a twisted violence to the latter. As for the rest, well, start with the sentiment of track three - 'if you don't like what I am, just stay away'. See you, then.


1. My Dealer Is The Best
2. Town
3. Stay Away
4. Babis The Stoned Cat
5. Lucky Funeral
6. Blissful
7. Bleeding Thoughts
8. Drunk Crocodile

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