Sunday, 26 October 2008

Review - Lesser Panda - Ghostdance (Single)

Lesser Panda - Ghostdance (Single)

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5 out of 10

When people try to describe a new band or a single, they have to either a) compare them to two or three other bands or b) have to coin a new phrase to describe their sound.

Get this for a phrase (taken direct from the press release) - Gothic Disco House! Listening to this single, I can hear the influence of the gothic sound, mostly The Cure. The vocals on the first song are a Robert Smith 'stars in your eyes' sound-a-like. I haven't a clue where the Disco House comes into it and I struggled to hear it in the original tracks. I heard the House sound in a couple of the remixes, which didn't really pick up as much as they should do and became a slight bore on the ear.

The sound starts to work on the second listen, but some people might not give the single a second listen.

When I received this single, I was hoping the single would live up to the excellent band name and the excellent artwork, unfortunately it didn't. Not bad for a debut single, just not as good as the excellent hopes.


1. Ghostdance
2. Carousel
3. Ghostdance (Moscow remix)
4. Carousel (Drums of Death remix)
5. Ghostdance (Heartbreak remix)

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