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Review - Dog Years - Frankenstein Songs

Dog Years - Frankenstein Songs

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7 out of 10

Dog Years are set to release their second album 'Frankenstein Songs' on December 11th. The album, consisting of twenty songs, aims to bend the understanding of guitar-based pop, whilst still keeping true to the important roots of it all, such as strong melodies and well thought out lyrics.

The album starts with 'Bellyaches' a song that incorporates good arrangements with nice production effects, even if slightly unnecessary to the song. The album goes on to provide an hours worth of promising music from this Newcastle based band. Tracks that standout are 'Nothing to No One' which is a breezy pop tune, 'Suddenly Start to Say' and 'Don't trust that girl'. There's something really 60s going on here, and there's a good vibe to the whole album. It feels like it's been recorded in quite a lo-fi way, which is great, however this doesn't excuse the odd timing error and mistake here or there.

Overall, this is a good collection of songs from this northern band, which offers promising music built around good influences.


1. Bellyaches
2. Nothing to No One
3. The Sun Don't Shine
4. Your Waves
5. Reduced to Clear
6. Circuits are Blown
7. Suddenly start to say
8. In Stitches
9. 7 years bad luck
10. Mixtape
11. Making it worse
12. Don't trust that girl
13. Wedding song
14. Kindness kills
15. Under the weather
16. Can't tell up from down
17. Sell yourself
18. Remain a butterfly
19. Postcard from a seaside town
20. Hey, little bird

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