Sunday, 11 January 2009

Review - Lucy Day - A Trick Of The Light

Lucy Day - A Trick Of The Light

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8 out of 10

This is really nice. Lucy has a wonderful, soothing voice, and writes songs that compliment that voice just so. Lovely gentle pop songs with softly played instruments arranged round the focus of her voice. There are occasional backing vocals too, which counterpoint the softness of the main vocals quite nicely. The production is interesting too - through a decent pair of headphones it really feels like Lucy and her band are stood around you playing just for you. There are a few rough edges, but nothing to worry about. In fact my only real problem is that part of the percussion on "A Fire In The Sea" sounds exactly like a pig oinking, and it actually made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it, which is a shame really 'cos the song is probably one of the best on the CD otherwise.


1. A Trick Of The Light
2. Our War
3. Oh Desire
4. Tailor Made
5. A Fire In The Sea
6. A Personal Disaster

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