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Review - Skreintax - Scene Stealers

Skreintax - Scene Stealers

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8 out of 10

Skrein and Dr Syntax are members of the Foreign Beggars posse and they have grouped together as Skreintax to produce this brilliant album 'Scene Stealers'.

Originating from the big smoke, Skreintax have released an album which elevates them up there with some of the big hip hop stars of today.

The beats are smooth whilst the raps are in your face and taking you to all sorts of places, mostly trying to get out of the city (Express Train). When I started listening to the CD, I was taken back to the mid 1980's when I first heard 'Paid In Full' by Eric B & Rakim. I decided then that I was I going to enjoy this album, and I wasn't wrong!

Skreintax called in a few mates, and have complemented their obvious hard work behind the scenes by getting some high quality rappers to join them. One artist who should get her own tunes more out there in the public ear is Graziella, who has such a soulful beautiful voice and topped the tunes she guested on perfectly.

Standout tracks are Scene Stealers, T.E.T.M.D. (featuring the great Stig Of The Dump), Breathe & Reach.

A great ending to the album is the instrumental 'jazzy' sound of Outro, which is also great way to finish this review.

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Listen:, &

1. Scene Stealers ft. DJ IQ
2. Express Train ft. Stig Of The Dump
3. Mine For The Taking ft. Farma G, Verb T and DJ Skully
4. T.E.T.M.D ft. Stig Of The Dump
5. Mothers ft. Sir Smurf Lil’
6. Back Down ft. Graziella
7. Venus ft. Dubbledge
8. Breathe ft. Graziella
9. 6 Bitters ft. Dubbledge and DJ NoNonames
10. Sometimes ft. Metropolis and Graziella
11. Reach ft. Graziella
12. Outro

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