Friday, 23 January 2009

News - Veil Of Maya Bass Player Change

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Submitted: "Veil Of Maya’s original bass player, Kris "The Higler", has decided to part ways with the band. Kris decided to part ways to pursue other things going on in his life. There are no hard feelings between them what so ever as the band wishes him all the best to whatever he pursues next in life.

Ex- BORN OF OSIRIS Guitar player and long time best friend. Matthew Pantelis takes the position as the new full time bass player in the band. Here’s what Matt has to say about joining VEIL OF MAYA. "As far as any of you are concerned... I used to be in a band with
(Vocalist) Brandon for some time that used to jam along side with Veil around Chicago. So when I found out that Kris split, I was enthralled to help out my buddies! Bass is sick and being with good friends of mine all the time is even more amazing. But the best part is making the change up permanent. Upon all that being said, the next album released by us will mask you. Come say hi at THE CRUSH EM ALL TOUR, and Marc, Sam, Brandon and I will teach everyone how to say Veil of Maya!""

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