Monday, 12 January 2009

News - All Or Nothing Loses Joe

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Joe has left All Or Nothing. Here’s the band’s MySpace blog about the line-up change:

"So... the title of the blog is pretty straight forward, last week there was a decision made between the three of us and Joe that it would be best for us to carry on without him in the band.

I think Joe will continue to play music most probably with his solo career so watch out for that.

If you’re wondering who’s going to take Joe’s place you might be a bit surprised... Rich is going to move from playing drums to taking up Guitar and Vocals, though Tom will be the main vocalist now as opposed to it being a 50/50 split before.

Our good friend Tom Coley is going to step in on drums, though he won’t be playing with us on our February tour but should come into place in time for our European tour being planned in April.

During the February tour with The Auteur, Not Advised and Out Of Sight we will have Nick Reynolds (of Mike TV fame) stepping in and helping us out so those of you coming to the shows will have to thank Nick for that as we would’nt be able to play those otherwise!! And you can hear Nick rocking it in Mike TV at

I think that covers everything for now, see you in february!

Rich, Tom, Tim and Tom"

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