Sunday, 25 January 2009

Review - Guns N’ Roses - Better (Single)

Guns N’ Roses - Better (Single)

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7 out of 10

What we have here is Axl Rose's attempt to write an Rn'B track in a sort of way, I'd say he was trying to modernise Gn'R. The song starts well and you can really hear the modern style and melody but it was almost inevitable that it wouldn't last long and by the time the chorus kicks in we're back to the old Guns n' Roses style which seems to stick around right until the end when we go back to the Rn'B stylings. It is like 2 songs stuck together and even though the song is called Better, I think the word is used slightly too much, the chorus itself is quite laughable. The guitars on this track though really stand out as the best thing about it.


1. Better

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