Sunday, 25 January 2009

Review - Ida Maria - My God (Single)

Ida Maria - My God (Single)

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8 out of 10

I first came across Ida Maria in late 2007 when I saw a feature about her in a magazine I picked up in a really dodgy gay club I went to after a gig in London. I had no idea who she was and from what I read about her, I expected to hear music along the same lines as Sneakerpimps or Bjork but instead I found myself being assaulted by an amazingly powerful voice which displays fragility and force in equal measure.

This single is far more force than fragility and it begs nothing more from the listener than to just stand there and receive a glorious beating! It's a simple song in structure, repetitive and loud-very loud, but one which wouldn't work in any other way and everything a good pop song should be, full of attitude with a melody line that ANYONE could sing/shout along to. If like me you got a sudden rush of adrenaline when you first heard a song by The Cribs then this will really appeal to you.

If you ever hear it live, expect to feel the painful thud of a size 9 Converse shoe hit your head every 20 seconds as its perfect for crowd surfers and it will also be the song you'll be singing all night on the campsite at the end of a long day at the rock festival.


1. Oh My God

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