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Review - F5 - The Reckoning

F5 - The Reckoning

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4 out of 10

I might not be the most knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to metal but one thing I can tell you with absolutely confidence is that F5 have the best website I've ever visited, fact. But why is their website so good? I hear you ask...well, it's simple really, when you move your cursor over the tabs for news or tour dates you get a little skull with flames coming out of its head!! It's awesome.

Now that's got you excited about F5, check this, they also have ex-members of Megadeth & Suicidal Tendencies & it really shows. The Reckoning is very much metal by numbers for anyone who has rocked a Machine Head hoodie and black nail varnish. The guitars are, as you would expect, impeccable with massive solos & riffs in the vein of, well, every metal band ever...Dragonforce, Disturbed, Machine Head & early Metallica to name but a few.

So, you might have gathered that this album is inexplicably boring which, considering the fact it's obvious that this band is immensely talented, is extremely disappointing. Not only are the songs boring, with no real hooks or decent melodies, the production is also dire. The album lacks any sort of punch or dynamics which makes it just background music.

Listen people, there's a credit crunch on so don't go spunking your wages on this when you could buy a loaf of bread and about 500 tins of Aldi beans to feed your kids during these hard times.


1. No Excuse
2. I Am The Taker
3. The Reckoning
4. Rank And File
5. Love Is Dead
6. Through Hell
7. Wake Up
8. Cause For Concern
9. My End
10. Control
11. Final Hour

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