Sunday, 18 January 2009

Review - Foreign Beggars - Hit That G@sh (ft. Rouge A Levres) (Single)

Foreign Beggars - Hit That G@sh (ft. Rouge A Levres) (Single)

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7 out of 10

Hit That G@sh is all about the poon tang! Getting it when ever they can, not staying in on a night but going out to pull and get some!

I've heard tunes about all sorts, but the lyrics on this song about the ladies garden beats them all! Very funny lyrics and shows a small glimpse into the 'youths' quest for wanting to crack one off.

I really enjoyed listening to the first 4 tracks of this very long 10 track remix single. The standout 2 remixes are DJ Primecuts and Kid Dubs versions. Primecuts take on the tune doesn't use many of the rap and uses more bass and breaks in true Scratch Perverts style. Kid Dubs edition uses more of an electro sound which could really kick this tune off in the clubs.

Towards the end of the remixes, the sound becomes a little boring, and doesn't pack as much punch as the start. Maybe I had become a little bored hearing the same track in various different forms 10 times, but don't let that put you off downloading the first versions of remixes, which is a must for any hip hop heads out there.

This tune has been a big Hip Hop hit around the worlds clubs. Foreign Beggars are going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2009, prepare for the blast; they're going to hit the place with a vengeance.


1. Hit That G@sh Original Mix
2. Big Willy's Bukkake Basement ft. Dubbledge and Kyza
3. DJ Primecuts (Scratch Perverts) Itchy Naan Re-Rub
4. Kid Dub's Electro Creampie remix ft. Dubbledge and Kyza
5. D-Code (Shiva Soundsystem) Surly Money Shot mix ft. Kyza
6. Dag Nabbit's 'True Say Man's on a grizzle, still' remix
7. LDZ Spam Salad Toss-Off ft. Dubbledge and Kyza
8. Ruckspin Hangin' Ham mix
9. Inja, Chester P and Killa Queens Dewy Flesh Pekkles Refix
10. Seemore Productions Ethno-Thugsteppin mix

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