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Review - Extreme Noise Terror - Law Of Retaliation

Extreme Noise Terror - Law Of Retaliation

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8 out of 10

I first heard Extreme Noise Terror's brand of intense grindcore on John Peel's show sometime in the late 80's. The experience rendered me agog with delirium and ever since, these soap-dodging Suffolk fuckers have been more than welcome to squat round my house and drink all my cider.

ENT have come and gone with various line-up shuffles for nigh-on 25 years now but this release, their first in 7 years, sees a reinstatement of their original dual vocalist assault force, Phil Vane & Dean Jones and, happily, they've lost none of their fury. In fact, if anything, they sound better, tighter and more focussed than ever, making this album's production the only 'clean' thing about these crust-punk pioneers. The pace is fiery and those chunky punky chainsaw guitars are still very much in evidence; no frills, no flash solos, just relentless thrashing rage, with the odd interludal snippet of random film dialogue providing some brief respite.

This is one of the most unlikely and most satisfying comebacks of the year from a band who can rightly be considered masters of their art. Ugly, ferociously unpleasant art, but art none the less.


1. Believe What I Say
2. Religion is Fear
3. Spit on Your Dreams
4. Skin Deep
5. Blind Lead the Blind
6. Short Fuse
7. Chasing Shadows
8. Human Waste
9. Rat Hell
10. Enslaved in Darkness
11. Nothing No More
12. Parasites
13. Revenge
14. Rotten to the Core
15. Low Life
16. Against the Grain
17. Screaming Fucking Mayhem
18. Death Message
19. Divided & Ruled

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