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Review - Alloy Entertainment - Sex Drive

Alloy Entertainment - Sex Drive

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7 out of 10

When high-school reject Ian (Zuckerman) is presented with the opportunity to lose his virginity by online acquaintance, Miss Tasty (Bowden) he embarks on a cross country journey accompanied by his lothario friend, Lance (Duke) and his best friend & secret love, Felicia (Crew). Cue much en route mayhem and madness.

Already you're thinking, "Haven't I already seen this movie?" And you would be right to think so. Road Trip, Euro Trip, American Pie, the list goes on. I could probably save myself some time by copy & pasting one of the aforementioned reviews and changing the names. But then I would be doing myself and the film an injustice, because for all the similarities (and there are several) the film is worthy of your hard earned.

Ian is your stereotypical high school nerd; built like a Twiglet, inept at talking to the opposite sex and the butt of the jocks' jokes, including those of his testosterone riddled brother, Rex (Marsden). Ian's wingman on his search for sexual maturity is Lance, a pudgy hobbit of a boy whose cocksure attitude sees girls falling at his feet. Making up the triumvir is Felicia, the plain Jane who-is-actually-really-attractive-but-nobody-really-notices-until-the-end. Stealing his brother's prized muscle car, Ian et al leave on the seemingly simple 9 hour journey to Knoxville.

Their journey sees them encounter a redneck sexual deviant, a scary hitchhiker, Amish sarcasm, celibate sluts and geriatric genitalia. The jokes come thick & fast and the three leads reveal themselves to be more than capable at generating laughs. Zuckerman's Ian tends to be on the receiving end more often than not, while Lance's confidence and choice words always bring a smile to the face. The end will come as no surprise to anyone, thankfully though it does not stink of cheese or induce vomiting.

The real scene stealers though are James Marsden and Seth Green. Marsden's Rex is the ultimate bullying older brother. Ian is never far from Rex's wrath, be it trying to embarrass him in front of his step-mom to be (as if he doesn't do it enough himself) or using him as a punch-bag. One standout scene is when Rex discovers his beloved car, The Judge is missing. Green's Ezekiel is sarcasm personified. He could give most girlfriends a run for their money when it comes to laying guilt trips. You are never quite sure if he's been serious or not.

Though Sex Drive will break no new boundaries, it is a worthy addition to the genre. Marsden is a revelation in his first overtly comic role, while Green demonstrates the credentials that first brought him to audiences' attention.

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Cast List:

Ian: Josh Zuckerman
Felicia: Amanda Crew
Lance: Clark Duke
Rex: James Marsden
Ezekiel: Seth Green
Ms. Tasty: Katrina Bowden


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